Bing Ads Phishing Warning

We’ve seen a batch of fake emails going out to clients this morning claiming to be from Bing Ads / Microsoft adCenter. They are a phishing attempt to get your login and password.

Do not click on any links in this email!

Here’s the text we’ve seen (notice the broken English):

Dear adCenter customer,

For quality services and running your ads without any problems (Innactive account meaning Pausing your Ads) check the status of your adCenter account regularly.

Some of the ads directed to may have stopped running this morning.

Check your adCenter status now.


The Microsoft adCenter Team

Our Bing Ads reps have confirmed that these emails are not from Bing and contain links to sites that will attempt to steal your account password. Once they have your account login, they can automatically create campaigns and spend your money to drive traffic to their spammy sites.

Again, DO NOT CLICK any links in this email. If you already have, let us know immediately and we can work with our Bing Ads reps to clear up any problems before they start.

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