Landing Page Quality Matters More Than Ever

Landing Page

A Basic Lead Generation Page

Anybody involved in Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing will tell you that landing pages matter as much, if not more than keywords and ads.

What’s the point of bidding on different keywords if you don’t give your site visitors easy access to the information, products, or services that they searched for?

Google announced this week that landing pages can now positively influence a keyword’s Quality Score. Previously, landing pages would only count against you.

From SearchEngineLand:

Landing page quality has long been a factor in Google AdWords, but more as a negative signal. If an advertiser’s landing page was particularly terrible or misleading, advertisers could have their ads rejected or their accounts suspended or revoked — depending on how bad the policy violation was. The new change will assign landing page quality a positive value, incentivizing advertisers to make sure the landing page’s keywords and content are closely aligned with the keywords for which they’re bidding.

Hooray for Landing Pages

This is great news, especially as the intractable problem of PPC squeezes out smaller advertisers with rising click costs. The only way to compete effectively is to test, measure, and refine your landing page strategy to improve conversion rates and convert more visitors to customers.

I’ve been in favor of this all along, and I’m extremely glad to see Google is finally doing the right thing for its users and advertisers.

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