Mobile Search Marketing

One of the areas I’ve wanted to explore is mobile search and the implications for search engine marketing. It’s already been decided that 2008 won’t be the year that mobile marketing breaks into the mainstream, but smart marketers will start preparing now for what will surely be a huge trend in the next few years.

I will use this space to document my findings as I wade through the limited amounts of information out there about the following topics:

  • Mobile Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Mobile Websites
  • User Metrics

I don’t proclaim to be an expert yet, but I will keep this space updated regularly with my findings. As a practical application, I’m planning on building a mobile version of my website as well, just to get my hands dirty and practice what I preach.

Part of this process will involve your feedback, suggestions, questions and comments. Feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment, and we’ll learn all about mobile search engine marketing together.

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